some random matt damon film

A night within my sophmore year of high school, the folks and I decided to rent movies from redbox and have some family time. Little did I know that by watching one of these random matt damon films would be the start of my travel journies. Sorry Matt, it wasn’t you exactly who inspired me, rather the soundtrack behind you. The music of We Bought A Zoo is written and sung by Jonsi, an Icelandic Musician, whose voice completely stole my heart within the first song of the movie. After finishing the film, I immediately looked up the soundtrack, the main singer, and eventually Iceland itself-as it being the musicians main sorce of inspiration. I thought if someone could be so enlightened as to write some of the most beautiful music I had ever heard, then the country must be equally as beautiful. BOOM. The travel bug was born. And after spending four short yet life changing days in Iceland, the peaceful and strong presence of the music all made sense. Jonsi still continues to be one of my favorite musicians and Iceland continues being one of my favorite countries. But this one singer, one country, left a much longer lasting impact on me then I expected….

Check out my other posts to see where Iceland led me!


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