embrace the chaos



Six months after living in Holland, and another three weeks staying with friends, I found myself on a plane from Frankfurt, Germany to southern Italy. My plan was to stay in Amsterdam for the full year, and then return home to California. Yet somehow, there I was, moving for the fourth time within an almost seven month period. When I first arrived in Europe, I was greeted by several, fellow au pair girls, eager to explore Europe, most of them having Rome on the top of their list. As they dreamed and planned about a sunnier, warmer climate as we cycled through the rain, my mind stayed fixed up north, towards the nordic cultures, and cooler climates. I had no intentions of even making a visit to Italy this year, nontheless living there for five months…As the plane came down for the landing, I could already spot several vineyards near the area. I was really moving to Italy. Stepping off the plane and meeting my new host family, I was of course greeted with the firm, double kisses. The following few months included learning the many Italian hand gestures, where the best spots by the sea were (all of them), and how to survive when dealing with a severe food coma. It is incredible to me that such a random, unexpected turn of events, lead me to learn life lessons that continue to inspire me. My first backpacking trip alone in Italy was to Naples, about one month after living in the country. I remember on my last day, walking through the loud, active streets, thinking this to myself, and months later it remaining true. The way I walk through the streets of Naples is a great representation of how I walk through life; soak in all the crazy, accept the fact I have no idea where I’m going, and to just embrace the chaos.


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