polish candy


My first trip after moving to The Netherlands was to Katowice, Poland. My new polish friend, Chris needed to go back to visit his dentist… When asked if I wanted to tag along for a short trip, of course the answer was HECK YES! Poland isn’t necessarily the first European country tourists tend to visit. That was exactly why I wanted to go: not as a tourist but a friend casually accompanying another friend two countries down for a dentist appointment. With it only being two months into my European experience, I was awestruck with the wind-like sounding language, strong alcohol, and the charming feel of a new town. Overall it was an exciting trip for me but it was also one of the hardest. I dearly love my friend Chris, and I was immediatley fascinated with his background of polish culture, but for different reasons, neither of us were feeling ourselves those two days in Poland. This uneasy state I found myself in completely blew me away. I expected that when I moved to Europe, that every trip, every day would be filled with happiness and sunshine (which is ironic since I moved to a country where it rains nearly every day). I was confused as to why I was upset even though I was travelling abroad. How could I have bad days when I was fufilling my dreams of exploring new places? It was this trip that I learned not every day can be perfect, not even when travelling. Countless things go wrong when I backpack; missing buses, having hostel mix-ups, being lied to by outdated maps. But despite it all, there are lessons to be learned. Bad experience is still experience. Sitting in the bar, not being able to understand more than two polish words that were being said was awkward to say the least. It wasn’t until this moment I  was able to imagine how difficult it must be for so many people to learn english as a second language. If it wasn’t for this uncomfortable moment, I wouldn’t have worked so hard to learn Italian while living in Italy. So lesson to be learned, even through, no- especially through the difficult times, endurance leaves rewards. I consider my reward leaving Poland with some of the worlds best candy. Worth the struggle? I think so…


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