abandoned building


Trip number two after the move to Holland was to Ghent, Belgium- a destination I probably wouldn’t have discovered myself if not recommended by a friend on the trip. It was a simple outing with nothing particulary crazy as an outcome. Yet I did return to Amsterdam with one charmed memory. As dinner time strolled in we grew more and more lost by our deceitful map in our attempt to find classic, Belgian fries (a goal one wouldn’t think too difficult to achieve in Belgium..) Yet there we were, walking around hopelessly with our hungry stomachs reminding us what failures we were. In the end, the Belgium chocolate won over our hearts anyhow, but there was still a lesson to be learned from our untrustworthy map. On our quest to spot a restaurant/bar, we were instead lead to an abandoned building by the water. I remember this corner vividly with its pastel colors and old style ships surrounding the port. I fell in love with this view after the initial disappointment that we were still lost and frie-less. This became my example that being lead somewhere unexpected can actually be the better place to be. In the time of hunger, my heart (and stomach) was set on finding fries, as I felt it necessary as my job as a tourist. What I didn’t expect was to be more content our inaccurate map lead us elsewhere. Sometimes wandering around, getting lost, and finding youself in unmarked destinations leave you with better memories then what was planned.




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