chasing light


Along with Rome, a destination constantly spoken about in the au pair community was Paris. This too, was a city holding minor appeal to me. I was continuing focusing on countries such as Norway, Sweden, Iceland, etc..My decision to visit France changed when I discovered I’d be moving from The Netherlands to the south of Europe. The city being only one night bus away, a weekend getaway was a nice plan. I was trekking with two other friends, also first time Paris explorers. After an eventful train ride from the great difficulty communicating at the ticket counter (none of us speak any french) we finally made it to our stop. Google maps told us we were right in front of the Eiffel tower. Disregarding the weight of our bags, we sprinted through the french streets, being guided by the far away glisten. The buildings and houses faded to trees, leading us to see the golden light radiating off the Eiffel tower. My inner basic was in complete awe when seeing the towering beauty that is this monument. Travelling in February meant a shivery evening, which was also forotten when making it to the heart of Paris. This became another example for me, to expect the unexpected. After months of nudging off the idea of Paris, I enjoyed each hour spent more so than the last. This city remains toward the bottom of my favorites list when compared to others, but I am nonetheless taken away by how much I fell in love by it’s forceful charm. To any macaroon lover, finding a cozy spot under the Eiffel tower is a pretty prime place to be. Along with once more being surprised with new passions for unexpected places, I learned to be more comfortable with hostels- the results leading to meeting other cool nomads/ backpackers. So here are my tips; travel to Paris, chase the golden light and meet new people. Oh, and eat the macaroons..don’t forget the macaroons.



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