thai massage


Over a month had gone by since I flew to Thailand and I still had yet to receive my first authentic thai massage. My back stays in a constant ache, thus was very disappointed in me. I finally made the trip to a quality spa. As one with a crooked spine and continuous knots and pain, my back really needed this session. As I lay there surrounded by peaceful music and soothing colors, my fists clenched as the hour began and the room switched to the sounds of my cracking back. Kneading out knots can be unpleasant but at the same time leading to a restful ease. It struck me funny that I could be in deep relaxation and comfort while at the same time in struggling affliction. Then I remembered a blog I read earlier that day. The main focus of the study was that there are seasons for everything in life. There is a time to mourn and a time to rejoice. They may even come simultaneously. It’s a strange concept to recognize but not a rare one. An example took place my senior year of high school. December of 2015, I turned eighteen- an immensely impactful event for me. This age meant freedom, new responsibilities, and the time I’d be leaving The States to start adventures abroad. The same month of this big milestone, a good friend of mine suddendly passed. My emotions whirled as I danced with joy and excitement while planning my Europe trip, while at the exact same time, mourning for an amazing person the world just lost. At times I’d feel guilt for not being in a constant state of sadness or not focusing more energy into planning what needed to get done for my trip. Eventually I realized it was completely okay to have a mixure of feelings when a mixure of events had just transpired. What I learned from this experience is to simply accept the feelings I was having and embrace them in all aspects. Emotions come for a reason and the best thing that can be done is find peace in acknowledging all its complexities. Like my distressed/ tranquil spa session, sessions in life may also come in pairs. When sets of memories of this friend appear, whether it’s seeing the disney minions or purple flowers, I retain that intertwined feeling of sadness for the loss yet happiness for remembrance. So my tip: don’t be afraid to welcome pain or life’s imperfections. It may be exactly what’s needed to provide serenity.


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