Who knew a random red box film would lead to over a year of travelling? This was no where near the expectation as I sat down to watch movies with my parents one night. As I’ve now discovered, simple events can enkindle incredible impacts. The following months involved listening to one of the soundtracks on repeat while researching the country it was influenced by. Shortly after this detection, I told my parents Europe would be prioritzed over college. After a series of obstacles, I finally spent some time in, my opinion, one of the most beautiful places on the planet (although I tend to consider it it’s own planet). Iceland is set apart from other trips I’ve taken because for much time, it was merely a fantasy. There was no greater destination I favoured experiencing over Iceland. The process of turning this dream to reality set the stage for my following travels.

My first day included delicately soaking in every detail and vibe of the city.  My new winter boots crunched through the hardened snow, leading me to the city center. Reaching closer, my eyes drifted upwards, widening at the sight of Hallgrímskirkja Church. I took my time to fully absorb the beautiful, volcano inspired architecture. I dreamily floated inside, instantly grabbing a ticket to head to the top viewing area. There were other couples and travellers waiting to see the city scene as well, but none on the verge of releasing tears of joy. The elevator doors opened and I was greeted with a fierce, glacial wind. As one can imagine, February in Iceland can be rather nippy yet this didn’t prevent me from spending the next three hours standing upon this monument. In the early stages of my Iceland wanderlust, I purchased a small itinerary book, with the cover revealing the same view from the Hallgrímskirkja Church. From this glimpse, I intently imagined the feeling of being the one behind the camera. I lightly strolled along the wooden floor, each passing moment intensifying more than the last. To hang in silent awe, and breathe in the sight of a city I so desperately seeked, was my most significantly surreal moment.

Like any solo backpacking trip I take, many friends were made and several experiences now turn to blissful memories. In addition to these moments, Iceland left much greater impacts. To accomplish a dream changes everything. That is when a world of possibility makes itself present. Realization of capability over defeating the odds transpires. Dreaming of adventures is a nice hobby, but the real joy comes from waking up and setting out to accomplish them. This was the trip I condensed my focus towards my own path rather than anxiously peering at the contrasting ones around me. This was where it all became worth it, to do what was different.

To any friend or aspiring traveller that reaches out to me, asking about the possibilties to travel, the simple answer is to just go. Life will remain hectic and difficult and the prime time accompanied by a load of money for trips will most likey never prevail. Making your dream a goal and priority now is the start of the process. Find what inspires you, and go there.







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