Authentic is my all time favorite word in the english language. Back in the high school days, classmates asked me on numerous occasions about my liveauthentic hashtags on instagram- positive and negative. I like to advocate the consistency of being real with yourself and other people. This thought stands out to me more and more as I watch countless people highlight soley their postive moments through social media. The central reason for hesitation and postponement of blogging was fear readers would only soak in the good. The raw truth I’m here to shine a light on is that authentic travel means messy and disordered chaosity. I’ve solo backpacked through a multitude of cities, accompanied by loads of complications and alterations. Yet this sort of pattern isn’t just left for travelling. Every day includes situations that demand changes and flexibilty. One of the finest lessons I stumbled upon after leaving The States was the discovery of having absolutely zero control over certain circumstances in life. After that unsoothing reality hit, I recovered by learning the golden truth that what we can control is the reaction to those circumstances. No matter how many times one misses a bus or gets lost in a new city, or has to reconstruct plans again and again, there is complete and utter control over what to feel at the end of the day. Stressful days is an ongoing recurrence but the power of a postive mindset discerns the outcome. It is these sticky situations that makes travel more than a vacation, but rather an adventure and a journey to learn from. It is the flaws that makes the trip authentic. I admire people who are unashamed to discuss their bad days and sad days without covering it up with a fake smile or filter. Life becomes so much more when embracing the truth of its imperfections. The refusal of living in fear or oblivion is a courageous act that extends to numerous blessings and joy but only with the inclusion of its faulty days. There is appreciation for stories not only explaining an accomplished act, but also the tidious process of getting there. It brings encouragement to hold tighter to the pure geniuneness that is becoming harder to come by. Let’s add to that. To close out with what the majority of my instagram hashtags state- LIVEAUTHENTIC.


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