(found this finished post lost among others. it’s a bit overdue, but i still feel it’s relevance. feel free to share your thoughts on it.)

*WARNING. This is yet another post about the presidential election.*

With just getting back from a ten day trip island hopping in the south of Thailand, alternative ideas for the next blog post came to mind. Yet I feel I cannot type a word until attempting to share some bits of encouragement with my fellow Americans after the election…

It’s been excruciatingly and tediously heartbreaking to watch how this election has already affected numerous amounts of people back home. Watching protesters block off the 101, to cars being lit on fire, to violent acts on both Trump and Hillary supporters has been immensely painful to see, especially while currently being so far away. Fear spreads and becomes a large cloud over people with families waiting to be broken, gay friends feeling they need to protect themselves with a gun and having Muslims deny their own beliefs in order to feel safer. I never thought America would take this far of a step back and repeat history using the same alarming mistakes.The not knowing leaves a space for our shaken minds to wander through the darkened possibilities of what can happen in the next four years. I cannot hide my disappointment yet I also cannot demand Trump supporters deny their joy.

One of the greatest things about America is that despite the differential opinions, people are free to speak and share their thoughts. I am happy to say I have seen incredible amounts of encouragement and unity grow through social media fighting to overpower the hatred. Those feeling targeted can be reminded that they are valuable and have a voice to be heard. A much greater fear lingers that it’s not going to be Trump that kills this country but rather people with opposing views who’ll get there first… Now the election is over, it’s time to release that anger held towards people on the other side. Too many friends and family members have broken because of the gap between their ideas and standpoint. Regardless of whose name you checked on the ballot, we are all people, none with perspectives lining up one hundred percent. It may be a necessary reminder that not every Trump supporter is a racist Nazi , and not every Hillary supporter is a deceptive liar. While racism is growing in The US, throwing back hate towards another being in your country will not weaken that flame. The only things possible to do now is stand up and be a voice for the people or groups that are currently being targeted. As the amazing Michelle Obama states, “When they go low, we go high.”

Share your opinions, fears and thoughts while balancing respect for those opposing. Freedom of speech is one of the rare and beautiful qualities that already had America great. Regardless of opinion, we remain unified as people and Americans.



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